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Salvage Master
Salvage Master wet/dry vacuum

Salvage Master Water Vacuum
Fire Department's Best Public Relations Tool!

Salvage Master has been Discontinued by Honeywell

Airworks continues to sell replacement
Salvage Master parts
We services them too - Call 800-523-7222

Download Salvage Master Parts List Here

Salvage Master water vacuum is a response tool for flooding problems caused by high water, broken water pipes, broken washer water hoses, etc. It is a wearable water vacuum that works great by removing water fast, before it causes serious damage to the structure and gives the user great mobility around homes and offices.
See the eyes of home

Salvage Master Wearable Water Vacuum
owners and business owners light up when they see and hear the Salvage Master water vacuum in operation.

Salvage Master's easy dump valve allows collected water to be dumped in a drain, bath tub, commode, out a window, out a door or down a kitchen sink drain.

Your fire department will get more letters of appreciation from using the
Salvage Master than any other salvage tool available. We service the Salvage Master and keep a full repair parts inventory too.

* Six gallon water capacity.

* Two part wand for easy storage on fire and rescue trucks.

* GFI electrical protection in water, so operator doesn't curl their hair.

We service the Salvage Master and keep a limited parts inventory too. Call us now for fast shipping of your parts. Download Salvage Master Parts List

Salvage Master User Replacement Parts
Squeegee, Carpet
Squeegee, Flooring
Wand/Handle Assy - Two Piece - New Style
Clamp, Hose Ends
Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI)
Motor, Electric

American Airworks
Salvage Master wet/dry vacuum

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