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SCBA Accessories
SCBA Accessories

SCBA Accessories - All SCBA Brands
SCBA accessories make your breathing apparatus use easier, safer and more convenient to use. These products include SCBA cylinder racks, collapsible SCBA cylinder racks, stationary and portable SCBA cylinder racks, SCBA carry racks, SCBA spectacles, SCBA mask bags, SCBA mask covers, SCBA blackout covers, respirator washers, respirator dryers and SCBA service tools, like our SCBA cylinder vise.

Pricing Updated 2/17/2022

Respirator - Automatic Face Mask Washers and Dryers

Respirator Washer - GS1200
Respirator Washers protect workers while on the job. Respirator washers help employers meet OSHA regulations by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting respirators and SCBA face masks.

Our respirator washers and respirator dryers greatly improved and simplified the problem of respirator and mask hygiene. The GS Series washers provide hospital-grade disinfecting chemistries, which are biodegradable and safe for use in all makes and models of masks.

Our respirator washers and respirator dryers are energy efficient and help you meet the mandated compliance issues of respirator maintenance.

Thread Saver®
Protects your Cylinder Valve Threads
Thread Saver - Thread Protector

No Questions Asked Lifetime Guarantee! Keep your valve threads "ready for the big one”.
Thread Saver® - Trademark owned & protected by American Airworks™

THREAD SAVER® help prevent damage to your soft aluminum SCBA valve threads can disable your SCBA just when you need it most. THREAD SAVER® can make that a thing of the past. A damaged valve can cost up to $250.00 to repair. THREAD SAVER® provides protection by helping to keep dirt, dust, sand, snow, ice and water away from your LP or HP cylinder valve threads. Also keep bugs from making a home in seldom used SCBA cylinder valve orifices.

Inexpensive insurance against serious valve thread damage.

Mask Bags
Mask Cover
Mask Bag
Protect your SCBA face mask investment with a durable mask bag from Airworks. Click here to find your SCBA mask bag and mask covers part numbers.

Mag-1 Spectacle for SCBA mask
Regain your fire ground vision with MAG-1!

Are you "Blind as a Bat" at the fire scene? With MAG-1 SCBA users can see with your mask on or off!

This safety frame will give vision impared firefighters their sight back, when using SCBA on the scene. One of the best features is that the safety rated spectacle remains on the users face when the SCBA mask is removed, unlike OEM mask spectacle kits. They can still see on the scene without going back to the truck to get their street wear spectacles. The Mag 1 also provides greater safety at the scene, over street wear spectacles, with their polycarbonate safety lenses. One size fits all.

MAG-1 spectacle will give vision impared firefighters their sight back, when using SCBA on the scene. One of the best features is that the safety rated spectacle remains on the users face when the SCBA mask is removed, unlike factory spectacle kits. They can still see on the scene without going back to the truck to get their street wear spectacles. The Mag 1 also provides greater safety at the scene, over street wear spectacles, with their polycarbonate safety lenses. One size fits all.

The temple area of the strap, where the SCBA facemask seals, is paper thin to reduce and/or prevent any facepiece leakage. Go to your local optician for polycarbonate prescription safety lenses. Mag-1 has black frame and strap.

"My personal experience using MAG 1 for 20+ years fighting fire,
is that they work great! On the fire scene, MAG-1 provides the wearer
vision to see with either their facemask on or off.
Ray Lambert-President

Mag-1 is the spectacle of choice of all U.S. military personnel
using air purifying respirators

When lives are on the line, don't let blurred vision slow you down.
Place your order today.

(Notice......MAG-1 is approved by ANSI Z-87.1 and has been tested, and is presently in use, by all U.S. militaries with their air purifying respirators. OSHA requires agencies using the MAG-1 to complete their own testing. NIOSH does not approve the MAG-1 for use with SAR or SCBA.

Part No
MAG-1 Spectacle
MAG-1 Strap

cylinder vise
SCBA Cylinder Vise - Pneumatic

Your new cylinder vise makes removing your SCBA cylinder valve a breeze.

Place SCBA cylinder inside the non-damaging flexible rubber belt and move the actiivation handle. The pneumatic vise tightly clamps down on the cylinder while you go about removing or installing the SCBA cylinder valve

Requires 60 - 100 psi shop air to operate the vise and securing the vise base plate to the shop floor. Holds cylinder up to 14" diameter.

AC97000 - Vise, Cylinder, Pneumatic

Weight: 200 lbs.
Dimensions: 24"D x 24"W x 48"H

*Crating charges are additional if required.

Flow Test Your Own SCBA
Scott, MSA, Draeger, Avon/ISI, North, Interspiro

Laptop Computer with Posi3 USB

Annual SCBA flow testing is mandated by NFPA and NIOSH for each SCBA used in areas that are IDLH. Testing your own SCBA, with the certified printout of the test results, is a great way for fire departments to save money annually on flow testing.

The Posi3 electronically evaluates the operational fitness of your SCBA through dynamic testing and functional checks against performance criteria designed by the manufacturer to meet NIOSH and the NFPA annual testing rquirements.

Go to our Posi3 USB page here

Cylinder Carts - Portable

Our portable cylinder carts make cylinder storage and handling a breeze. Mobile Bottle Cart handles heavy SCBA cylinders with ease. Unload empty cylinders and reload apparatus in one easy task. Reduces chance of injury from carrying heavy loads and stores the spare SCBA cylinders neatly and ready for action.

AC42071-16 - Cylinder Cart, Stainless Steel
24"L x 36"D x 38"H

Other models available to hold:
AC42071-24 - 24 cylinders ... $1043.00
AC42071-28 - 28 cylinders ... $1176.00
AC42071-36 - 36 cylinders ... $1285.00
AC42071-42 - 42 cylinders ... $1458.00

SCBA Cylinder Carrier
SCBA Cylinder Carrier - Collapsible

Collapsible Cylinder Carrier solves all of your bottle transport needs!

Cylinder carrier is heavy duty reinforced steel construction with durable nylon coating. In expanded position, bottle carrier holds eight cylinders. When collapsed, it measures only 30" long x 15" wide x 8" high for easy storage. New design stays up even when emp
Use it for:
• Transporting cylinders for refilling
• Transporting cyls at high rise fires - 8 not just 2
• Storing spare cylinders
• Fits both 45 minute and 60 minute cylinders

AC70029 - SCBA Cylinder Carrier

SCBA Cylinder Storage Rack

Secure your SCBA cylinders in the station and protect them from casual damage with our solid build and attractive SCBA cylinder storage rack.

Polished diamond plate aluminum and 12 sturdy cylinder tubes.

See all the SCBA cylinder rack options is available for mobile applications such as fire trucks and air trailers, as well as stationary storage in fire stations or equipment rooms here.

Mask Wipes
SCBA Cleaning Wipes & Cleaning Pads

Facepiece Wipes are 5" x 7" and available with the same cleaning ingredients, Benzalkonium Chloride, as our Cleaning Pads but these products are not classified as a disinfectant. Pads are extra large 8" x 11" SCBA towelettes are perfect for big cleaning jobs such as full face and supplied air respirators. 50 per box.

SV140096 - Wipes, 5"x 7", w/Alcohol, 100/Box

SV140097 - Wipes, 5"x 7", No Alcohol, 100/Box

SV300105 - Pads, 8"x 11", No Alcohol, 50/Box

SV140082 - Pads, Pop-Ups, w/Alcohol, 6"x 7.5", 220/Can

SV951017 - Wipes, Eyewear Cleaner/Anti-Fog, 100/Box

RWCT943-S - Towelettes,Clean Gear II,1 Dispenser Box of 100

Respirator Bags


Reusable storage bags keep equipment contaminant free. Large (12" x 15") transparent bag with zipper. Made of tough 10 mil. poly to last longer and hold half- or full-mask sizes. Cleaning instructions are printed on bag.

SV200000 - Bag, Storage, Respirator, Zipper

Respirator Bag

Belt mounted for carrying respirators, gloves, goggles and small tools. Constructed of lightweight nylon reinforced vinyl fabric with Velcro® closure to protect equipment from dust and moisture. Available in half mask and full mask sizes.

SV000003 - (Full mask size)

SV411001 - (Half mask size)

Respitory Fit Test Tent

Creates a concentrated area for qualitative fit testing. The tent features two openings for convenient respirator adjustment. A saturated towelette can be clipped and hung inside the tent when using it for an Iso Amyl Acetate test. Made of nylon reinforced material with a viewing window. 48" high and 24" diameter.Warning: Do not use tent with Irritant Smoke Test.

SV206000 - Tent, Fit Testing


For qualitative fit testing of air purifying respirators, this Smoke Test Kit offers everything needed for meeting OSHA’s protocol for fit testing with smoke. Includes irritant smoke tubes, aspirator assembly, and record form in a protective carry pouch.

$58.50 - Kit, Smoke Test

SV205001- Replacement Tubes (6/box)

Smoke Test Kit
Smoke Test Kit

The Deluxe Pump Smoke Test Kit includes a smoke fit tube pump with batteries which generates the required 200 ml per minute of smoke, six smoke tubes with caps, and instructions.


SV205001 Replacement Tubes (6/box)

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