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Respirator Fit Testing

RENT our SCBA Fit Testers to
Save $$$ on Quantitative Testing

Quantative Fit Testing?

SCBA Mask users MUST be fit tested at least annually, so say NFPA & OSHA.

Save Money by renting our fit test rental machine and doing your own fit testing! Our fit tester is "easy to use" and is a good option for fire & industrial organizations using SCBA and full face mask respirators.

* Rent our Quantifit unit by the week or month.
* Schedule multi-year rental for better rental rates.

Video of Quantifit and how easy it is to do a fit test with the average fit test taking about five minutes per person.

A fit test adapter is required for each model of SCBA mask being tested. It is attached to the threaded connector of the APR Adapter and a sample tube is inserted through the APR Adapter inhalation valve. A barbed fitting on the fit test adapter body may be connected to an appropriate quantitative fit test apparatus.

American Airworks carries a full line of various quantitative SCBA mask fit test adapters for all SCBA brands.

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Qualitative Fit Testing?

The qualitative fit test provides the user with a qualitative measure of the fit of a N95 and half masks and APR respirators. See video here. Not For SCBA Face Masks. These use electronic Quantitative Fit Testers

Once it is determined that the test subject can sense the test agent, a qualitative fit can begin. The subject will perform a series of activities while wearing the respirator inside a testing chamber filled with test agent to ensure a proper fit.

Our Bitrex qualitative fit testing kit is more accurate than using the Portacount fit tester and the OHD units cannot do fit testing on N-95 and N-100 APR masks.

To buy new qualitative fit testing kits and supplies or training videos, click here or Call 800-523-7222

SCBA Mask Fit Test Video
Qualitative Fit Testing

For more information on these respirator test, please read the article from the magazine SizeUp, "Respirator Fit Testing - Made Easy" by By Maricia Sawnor, CIH Senior Industrial Hygenist, New York State Department of Labor.

Read this Article on Fit Testing

OSHA Fit Testing Regulations (Standard - 29 CFR)
Download Here - PDF Format - 34 KB

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