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Survivair Marketing Bulletin #366
May 28, 2001 - Steve Weinstein, Product Manager, SCBA

Luxfer and SCI has obtained authorization from the DOT to extend the hydrostatic retest period for carbon composite cylinders to five years from the current three years. This is for Luxfer carbon cylinders only and does not apply to Luxfer fully wrapped or hoop-wrapped fiberglass cylinders. The authorization takes effect immediately for any new Luxfer or SCI carbon cylinders manufactured under DOT exemption DOT-E 10915, and it is also retroactive to all Luxfer carbon cylinders previously manufactured under that exemption.

There are several advantages to a 5-year hydrostatic test requirement, rather than a 3-year requirement:

• 50% reduction in test costs. End users will now only have to do two retests over the 15 year life of the cylinder (years 5 and 10) instead of the previously required four retests (years3, 6, 9, and12).

• Improved inventory management.

• Less paperwork and administrative costs.

Luxfer Carbon Composite Cylinders

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