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We lease electronic fit testing equipment for quantitative fit testing and sell qualitative fit testing supplies. Shown above is our easy to use electronic fit tester. Our fit tester provides easy to use, fast and accurate fit testing for your staff. Save money by completing your own fit testing. Testing forms are printed out for each person completing the quantitative fit tests.

We rent our electronic fit testers out by the week. Email us for a rental quote or to schedule a time to lease.

To lease a unit, please follow the questionnaire below to find your best fit testing options available. Fit testing for the N95 and N100 masks are best done with Bitrex solution using a tent. We sell this kit for N95 and N100 masks.

For more information on these respirator test, please read the article from the magazine SizeUp, "Respirator Fit Testing - Made Easy" by By Maricia Sawnor, CIH Senior Industrial Hygenist, New York State Department of Labor.

Read the Respirator Fit Testing Article - click here.

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Do you need quantitative fit testing?

Highly accurate fit testing is available with partial pressure measurements taken inside the mask vs the outside ambient atmospheric pressure. Other fit testers measure the particles inside the mask, which makes testing places smokers being fit tested in an ackward position compared to non-smokers. Our leased fit testers are smoker friendly.

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Do you need qualitative fit testing?

The qualitative fit test provides the user with a pass/fail measure of the fit of the respirator. First, a sensitivity test is performed to determine if the test subject can detect the test agent being used.

Once it is determined that the test subject can sense the test agent, a qualitative fit can begin. The subject will perform a series of activities while wearing the respirator inside a testing chamber filled with test agent to ensure a proper fit.

Some qualitative fit testing, using Bitrex, is more accurate than using an electronic fit testing machine. This applies to tests using N95 and N100 masks.
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OSHA Fit Testing Regulations (Standard - 29 CFR)
Download Here - PDF Format - 34 KB

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