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EMS Oxygen Cylinder Refilling

Why send back oxygen gas in rented cylinders you've paid for?

A Haskel oxygen pump will pay for itself in a short time. This Haskel oxygen pump is a two stage booster capable of boosting 100 PSI oxygen up to 5000 PSI. This is an ideal application for refilling EMS oxygen cylinders.

Haskel EMS oxygen pumps are most often used as a stationary unit, but are easy to transport if needed. Requires no annual maintenance. Average overhaul duty cycle is 2000 hours, when operated at 50 RPMs during use. This EMS oxygen booster is powered by shop air with a recommended minimum of 75 PSI and 15 CFM. Booster cycling rate for oxygen gas boosting is 50 RPM.

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Haskel Oxygen Pump Model 26968
Two Stage Oxygen Cleaned Booster
This unit is equipped with high pressure relief valve, inlet and outlet 5 micron filters, remote set pilot valve to automatically start and stop the booster at preset pressures. Twelve month factory warranty. We stock this booster system. Accessories for this pump are shown below.


$19,795 Sale Price

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Add these options to make it functional:
Inlet Hose, HP, O2, CGA 540 Ftg, 6 Ft
Outlet Hose, HP, O2, On/Off & Bleed Valve, 6Ft
Seal, Nipple, Hand Tight, 540, Spare
Hose, O2, Additional Length Per Foot

Save approximately 20% on the cost of refilling your rented cylinder with gas. If you're returning standard "K" cylinders (2265 PSI working pressure with 230 SCF of gas) when your supply cylinder pressure gets down to 600 PSI, you're returning about 20% of useable gas. Haskel's two stage Haskel booster can scavenge this 20% and save you serious money and the added headache of handling additional cylinders. Depending on the amount of cylinders per year you rent, you could pay back the cost of the Haskel in as little as a year.

Accessory flexible 3000 PSI oxygen transfer hose with CGA 540 nut & nipple, 3000 PSI oxygen fill hose with oxygen valve yoke and soft seat bleed valve are available at an additional cost. So are additional fill hoses and/or fill manifolds are available at additional cost.

--- Typical Booster Operation ---

• Equalize the pressure between one your DOT air cylinders and your SCBA cylinder.

• If the desired pressure is not obtained, simply start cycling your booster to finish filling to the desired pressure. (50 cycles per minute or less for oxygen service)

• Stop the booster when the desired fill pressure is obtained.

The booster shown above comes equipped with high pressure relief valve, inlet and outlet 5 micron filters, remote set pilot valve to automatically start-stop the booster, high pressure reducing regulator and gauges. We keep these units in our stock.

American Airworks is an authorized Haskel distributor,
providing parts and service for Haskel gas boosters.

Call 800-523-7222 for answers to application questions or specific pricing.

American Airworks
Haskel and Sierra booster pumps

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