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SpaceSaverTM Fill Stations

Mobile fill stations are now available for tight spaces. The SpaceSaver™ has been designed to help meet the NFPA standard 1901 for containment fill stations to be placed on all new emergency vehicles. The Space Saver SCBA refill station, has a dual cylinder tray that tilts out and in. The upper panel slides down to activate the safety interlock function of the fill station.  This prevents the cylinders from being refilled unless the door is fully closed. Space Saver tray is assisted with gas springs for easier operation. Fill either one or two SCBA at one time. Place two of these units on a truck and you can be filling two cylinders, while changing out two cylinders. Meets NFPA 1901 safety standards for containment fill stations and maximizes the available space on your truck, van or trailer.

American Airworks has custom air fill panels for this unit. Click here to see two panels specifically designed for the SpaceSaver. Space Saver includes two internal CGA 347 handtight nut/nipple, on/off line valve and 6000 PSI flexible fill hoses. Image shows cylinders being loaded for refilling.

The SpaceSaver has been third party tested to meet the NFPA 1901 standard for containment fill stations. For SCBA up to 4500 PSI

AC70095-2VTG - Grey
13" W x 23" D x 42 1/2"H (53" open)
400 lbs.

AC70095-2VTR - Red
13" W x 23" D x 42 1/2"H (53" open)
400 lbs.

AC70095-2HTG - Horizontal Grey
42.5" W x 25" D x 13"H
400 lbs.

AC70095-2HTR - Horizontal Red
42.5" W x 25" D x 13"H
400 lbs.

During the last 5 years, approximately ten SCUBA, SCBA and DOT compressed air cylinders have exploded each year. 90% of these cylinders exploded while being refilled. ---- Bill High of PSI, Inc.

Mobile Containment Fill Stations
Class 2
BoomBox mobile containment fill stations provide enhanced safety for operator when refilling SCBA cylinders and SCUBA cylinders at the scene. This is a Class 2 fill station. BoomBoxes™, as we've named them, provide operator protection from the cylinder fragments of a ruptured SCBA cylinder, SCUBA cylinder or other high pressure breathing apparatus cylinder. The accompaning air blast is not contained. BoomBoxes are used on rescue trucks, air trucks and in stationary refill applications for the air refill station operator when refilling high pressure breathing air cylinders. Call us now for answers to your containment fill station questions. Click Here To View A Ruptured Cylinder!

BoomBox-45 Single Position Fill Station
Truck Mount - For SCBA up to 4500 PSI

• Single containment fill station
• Door locking bar, (manual)
• One fill hose, bleed valve, nut/nipple, no On/Off valve
• Stainless air bleed valve
• 2216/4500 PSI handtight nut & nipple

Designed to contain the fragments of accidental cylinder rupture or hose failure, while allowing the air blast to be vented quickly and in a direction away from the operator.

A safety interlock prevents SCBA or SCUBA filling unless the front access door is completely closed and locked in place.

The carriage design "tilts" toward the operator whenever the door is opened. This facilitates loading and unloading cylinders and minimizes operator fatigue.

An air control panel can be mounted to these fill stations.

BoomBox-45 Dual Position Fill Station
Truck Mount - For SCBA up to 4500 PSI

This double unit has the same features as the single, with the addition of top mounted On/Off valves for each cylinder fill hose.

It too is designed for either mobile or stationary applications. Meets standards for mobile applications.

A steel surcharge may apply to the above price.

This unit can be used with an air control panel. Click to see panel.

Model AC70034T - Single Boombox™ SCBA up to 4500 PSI

• 20.5 inches wide
• 39 inches tall
• 25 inches deep
• 300 pounds
• 390 pounds approx. ship wt.

Add five inches to the height of this unit for stationary application. Add 1 1/2 inches for a flow fuse on the rear of this unit.
Model AC70035T - Dual
SCBA up to 4500 PSI

• 26.5 inches wide
• 39 inches tall
• 25 inches deep
• 400 pounds
• 490 pounds approx. ship wt.

Add five inches to the height of this unit for stationary application. Add 1 1/2 inches for a flow fuse on the rear of this unit.

CAUTION: Containment fill stations are designed only to contain cylinder fragments in the event the cylinder should ruture during the filling process. This will not stop the air blast of a ruptured cylinder. Install these units vertically.

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