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Survivair SCBA Repair Equipment

Survivair SCBA service equipment and tools to work on Survivair SCBA and generic tool and equipment to work on other brands of SCBA are featured on this page of our web site. We have new and used high pressure Posi3 USB flow test benches, SCBA tools, SCBA cylinder vises, ultrasonic cleaners and Christo-Lube lubricants.

SCBA Flow Testing Benches - For All Brands of SCBA
Posi3 USB Flow Test - Honeyell/Survivair, Scott, MSA, Avon/ISI
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Posi3 USB Factory Software
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Updated 6/7/2021
Honeywell/Survivair SCBA Tools
Boot, Gauge, Rubber (Blue) AC30011-2 $15.75
Gauge, 6000 PSI, Brass (For use w/reg & DOT Cyl) AC30019-2 $49.32
Regulator, PSI adjustable, w/Gauges (For test bench) AC60010 $411.00
Tool, Sigma (Remove Speaking Diaphram) SV980019 $35.23
Tool, Panther/SIGMA (2nd Stage Leak Test) SV997011 $97.46
Tool, Panther/SIGMA (Alarm Fixture - dB Meter Kit) SV997020 $249.94
Tool, Panther/SIGMA (O-ring, Bypass & Restrictor) SV997009 $117.00
Tool, Panther/SIGMA (O-ring, Alarm Piston) SV997010 $117.00
Tool, Panther/SIGMA (Alarm Adjustment) SV961501 $104.68
Thread Saver® - Cyl Vave Protection - All Brands of SCBA $4.85

SCBA Lubricants
Christo-Lube MCG 111 (1 oz. O2 Compatible) SV910699 $109.00
Never-seez Lubricant (16 oz. container) SV820419 $116.00

SCBA Cylinder Vise - Pneumatic

Cylinder vise makes removing a SCBA cylinder valve a breeze.

Place SCBA cylinder inside the non-damaging flexible rubber belt and move the actiivation handle. The pneumatic vise tightly clamps down on the cylinder while you go about removing or installing the SCBA cylinder valve

Requires 60 - 100 psi shop air to operate the vise and securing the vise base plate to the shop floor. Holds cylinder up to 14" diameter.

Weight: 200 lbs.
Dimensions: 24"D x 24"W x 48"H

$1695.00 Click here for more information.

Cylinder Vise

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SCBA Repair Equipment & Supplies

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