Roto-Jet Fire Washer, Circul-Air Fire Hose Dryer Helps Fire Fighters on the Job
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Roto-Jet Fire Hose Washer, Fire Hose Dryer
& PPE Gear on the Job
Circul-Air-Corp Dual Purpose Fire Hose Dryer Cabinet

Fire hose dryer and PPE equipment dryer will extend the life of your fire hose, bunker gear and other fire house equipment. Circul-Air® hose dryers dries hose or fire clothing quickly and safely without radiant heat. CirculAir eliminates frozen fire hose and dangerous fire hose towers. Avoids the damaging practice of drying on hot pavement or under intense sunlight. Provides extra hose storage in the cabinet when needed. Gets your fire hose back in service FAST.

115 - 240V single phase - 2 wire

AC99201 - $9,985

Roto-Jet Fire Hose Washer

This Circul-Air® Roto-Jet fire hose washer removes hydrocarbons that can carry 90% of the toxins produced by a fire. These hydrocarbons also contain carcinogens. Potentially hazardous substances can be absorbed through the skin by contact. Rinsing the fire hose off only removes the surface soot, leaving the embedded hydrocarbons in the hose fibers. Deep and thorough scrubbing, combined with high pressure rinsing, are needed to remove these potentially dangerous deposits. The Roto-Jet hose washer can help increase the safety, health and well being of your station personnel. Safety comes first for fire fighting personnel.

115 - 230V Dual Voltage Motor

AC99202 - $11,795

Tilt Top Hose Turntable
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Tilt -Top Fire Hose Turntable

The Tilt Top fire hose turntable is extremely versatile device is a perfect companion to hose washers and dryers. In horizontal position it serves as a reloader. In vertical position it re-rolls and drains. Positions changed easily with a single pin. Rolls in a tight, uniform coil with edges flush, ideal for carrying.

AC99203 - $1,295

Porto-Rak Fire Hose Rack
Porto-Rak Fire Hose Racks

The Porto-Rak hose rack eliminates the need to carry heavy fire hose. Keeps clean hose off floor while reloading. Portable, roll it where needed, store it where convenient. Holds approximately 2000 feet of hose. It is very compact and sturdy, with all steel construction. Available with, or without hose or turntable.

AC99204 - $4,375
With Detachable Turn-Table

AC99205 - $3,995
Without Detachable Turn-Table

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Econo-Rak Stationary
Fire Hose Rack

The Econo-Rak hose rack unit is constructed of rugged steel, which will not sag under load. Beautifully finished to resist rust. Available in two or three tiers. Will store approx. 1000 feet per tier.

2 tier ceiling to floor mounted (2000 ft. capacity)
AC99206-CF - $1,495

3 tier ceiling to floor mounted (3000 ft. capaciity)
AC99207-CF - $1,995

2 tier wall to floor mounted (2000 ft. capacity)
AC99206-WF - $1,495

3 tier wall to floor mounted (3000 ft. capacity)
AC99207-WF - $1,995

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