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GS5000 Respirator Washer

Respirator Washer


  • Initial pre-cleaning (FK260-G), disinfecting (FG350-G), rinse agent (RP355-G), and Anti Foam (AF351-G) chemistries

  • Unlimited chemical and cycle options

  • One year parts and labor warranty

The GS5000 is the ultimate washer for high volume mask washing. Easily accommodates 48 full-face or 96 half-masks per cycle. Constructed of 12 gauge, stainless steel and manufactured with 100% corrosion resistant parts, the GS5000 Respirator Washer is ideal for even the harshest environment. All washer functions are automatic. Cycle times and chemical amounts can be modified to conform to any cleaning situation. Six powerful spray nozzles powered by two 2 horsepower motors provide complete top and bottom coverage to all equipment surfaces. Our innovative tank design allows for a high volume of equipment to be cycled, while using a minimum of water and chemistry.

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A true multi-use washer that automatically pre-cleans, disinfects, and rinses at the push of a button. Automatic chemical injection ensures a precise wash – cycle after cycle. The GS5000 provides a low temperature bath that assures a minimum of wear and tear on personal protective equipment.

A one year parts and labor warranty, and compliance with ANSI, OSHA, and CSA Standards. The GS5000 incorporates a combination of the most effective detergent, disinfectant, and rinse chemistries to ensure the best automatic wash possible and protect workers against today’s health threats. Guaranteed not to harm the facemasks of any respirator manufacturer.

The GS5000 features our unique menu driven wash control program. Simply by entering the program mode, the operator may adjust the cycle length, the number of cycles, and the chemical injection amounts. The GS5000 Respirator Washer cycle can be easily customized to fit your cleaning requirements — no additional software or hardware necessary!



  • Power Cord: 8 ft

  • Plug: 4 Wire Ends (Single Phase)

  • Power Supply: 208, 220 or 240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 24 Amp, 1 phase

Cycle Time

  • User Determined

  • Typical Cycle: 20 Minutes

Water Supply

  • Inlet: 3/4" ID hose with 3/4" GHT

  • Pressure: 50 psi (Max: 75, Min: 40)

  • Temperature: 110°F (Recommended) (140°F Max)

Capacity per Cycle

  • Full-face Masks: 48 (Max capacity; not recommended for heavily soiled masks)

  • Half-face Masks: 96 (Max capacity; not recommended for heavily soiled masks)

  • Baskets: (3) 20"x20"x7" Included. (6) Baskets are required for maximum capacity loading

  • Extra baskets can be purchased separately, Part# RWGS2102


  • Length: 8 ft with 3/4" MNPT Fitting

  • Height: 48" (Max drain height)

Pump Size

  • 2 hp (Wash Pump)

  • 1/4 hp (Drain Pump)


  • Height: 48"

  • Depth: 37"

  • Width: 81" (This measurement includes chemistry holders)

  • Weight: 800 pounds

Water Requirements

  • Gallons per Wash: 24 (Average)*

  • Gallons per Fill: 8

    * Water usage is determined by cycle selection.

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