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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaning, from Branson Ultrasonic cleaners, provide the best cleaning performance of any ultrasonic cleaning equipment on the market today. Regardless of the size of ultrasonic cleaner you choose, Branson cleaners will provide you the complete cleaning removing a varity of soils and residues. The service life of your Branson cleaner, your cleaning time and degree of cleaning will improve if your follow these simple recommendations.



START UP: When starting with a fresh solution, allow the ultrasonic cleaner to operate for three to five minutes to allow the solution to degas (allows entrapped microscopic air bubbles to escape). This will improve the cleaning action of the cleaner and is necessary only when the solution is changed.

HEATER: The heater is used to maintain the cleaning solution temperature between 140° to 160°, which is the optimum temperature for ultrasonic cleaning and will enhance the cleaning process. Be sure to maintain the appropriate level of cleaning solution in the tank.

TIMER: The cleaning time will vary and depends on the type of components being cleaned, the types of soil to remove and the cleaning additive. The approximate cleaning time is eight minutes. Components being cleaned must not touch the side walls or bottom of the cleaner as this will inhibit proper cleaning action. The timer turns off automatically.

ADDITIVES: Using a suitable chemical additive provides faster and better cleaning results. Additives are acidic or alkaline and some are biodegradable. Strong chemicals must be neutralized prior to dumping into the waste water system. Biodegradable solutions do not have to be neutralized prior to disposal. Simple Green works well with plastic parts. Dilution rates average about 5% of volume. We have chemical additives in stock for immediate delivery.

RINSING: With benchtop cleaners, the soils that are removed from the components will be suspended in the solution, therefore, rinse immediately after removing the components. The soils will re-deposit themselves if the parts are allowed to dry without rinsing. Drying with purified compressed air is recommended.

METALS: Aluminum products are softer than steel products and are more prone to surface etching. Anodized metals may lose their anodizing when cleaned in an acidic solution. If using an acidic cleaner, decrease the cleaning time by half and observe carefully.

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