Oxygen cylinder refilling products and accessories

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Oxygen Cylinder Refilling Products & Accessories

Oxygen Vacuum Pump
O2 Cylinder Vacuum Pump Kit AC89002-0-K

PopCan™ - Single Unit
Part # AC70020
• Fill Container
• Dimensions - 12" x 12" x 24"
• Weight - 55 pounds
• Height - 18.0"
• Outside Diameter - 9.5"
• Internal Diameter - 8.0"
• Wall Gauge - .75"
• Material - Aluminum Tube
• Custom modifications available

CAUTION: The primary use of these PopCan™ products are to hold cylinders in the upright position. They may provide some meaure of added operator protection over having nothing but no testing has been done to confirm this. This product will neither stop cylinder fragments nor the blast of air or oxygen of a ruptured cylinder. Do not install directly below or above an occupied area. For added operator safety, the operator should never lean over nor reach over the container during the filling process. Units should only be installed vertically. Cylinder refilling carries inherent dangers. Proper refill training is required.

Oxygen Containment Filling Station - Boombox
Boombox™ - Dual Position O2

• 26 1/2" wide
• 43 1/2" tall
• 26.5" deep
• 400 pounds
• 490 pounds shipping weight

Single Position O2 Boombox

• 20 1.2"
• 43 1/2"
• 26.5" deep
• 300 Lbs.
• 390 Lbs. shipping weight
Our oxygen containment fill station is designed to contain the fragments of an accidental cylinder rupture or hose failure, while allowing the oxygen blast to be vented quickly and in a direction away from the operator. Click Here To View A Ruptured Cylinder!

The door design "tilts" toward the operator. This facilitates loading and unloading cylinders and minimizes operator fatigue.

Warning: System not designed to protect from harmful effects of oxygen vapor or cloud that may result from ruptured oxyen cylinder. Refilling compressed gas cylinders can be hazardous to the health of the operator. Follow all published safety guidelines when handling all compressed gases.
Oxygen Fill Station- Boombox

Haskel Boosters
Oxygen Booster Pump
Haskel Booster - Oxygen Cleaned
Oxygen Booster Pump by Haskel
Haskel Oxygen booster pumps can save you money on your oxygen cylinder refills. Why send back expensive oxygen you've already paid for? This unit will pay for itself in a short time. It is a two stage booster capable of boosting 100 PSI oxygen up to 3500 PSI; an ideal application for EMS units refilling small and large medical oxygen cylinders.

This Haskel oxygen boost pump is most often used as a stationary unit, but is easy to transport if needed. Requires no annual maintenance. Average overhaul duty cycle is 2000 hours. This booster is powered by either shop or plant air with a recommended minimum of 75 PSI and 15 CFM.Twelve month factory warranty.

The Haskel booster is equipped with high pressure relief valve, inlet and outlet 5 brass micron filters, remote set pilot valve to automatically start and stop the booster at a preset pressure.Additional oxygen connecting inlet and outlet lines are available from us below.

AC90079 - $20,945
We have refurbished units for sale too. Click here.

AC90079-E - Call for Price
Without roll cage and with smaller 2.5" dia. gauges.
Add the following options:
Description Price
1 Hose, Inlet, HP, Oxygen, CGA, 540 FTG, 6 FT. $148.00
2 Hose, Outlet, HP, Oxygen, On/Off & Bleed Valve $279.00
3 Seal, Nipple, Hand Tight, 540, Spare $8.82
4 Hose, O2, Additional Length Per Foot $24.75

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