Mask Bags & Blackout Covers

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made in the USA

The Mask Bag™
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Fit most any mask available including MSA, SCOTT 2A, 2.2, ISI, SURVIVAIR, DRAEGER, ETC. Made of heavy polyester fleece and are designed to be hung in your jump seat or turnout rack by either the draw cord or by the nylon strap and "D" ring sewn into the side. Approx. 13''W x 15"D.

available colors:
$20.00 ea.

The Mask Bag II ™
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Our new bag is 100% cotton canvas lined with a heavy polyester fleece that is breathable and absorbent. This bag is constructed with the same high quality design as our original but made even heavier duty to last through years of abuse. Approx. 13"W x 15"D

available colors:
$25.50 ea.

The Mask Bag III - 100 ™
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Fits the SCOTT AV2000/AV3000 face piece. The MBIII - 100 is made of heavy polyester fleece material, the same as the MBI, but tapered with the same design as the MBIII (shown below) to.

available colors:

The Mask Bag III
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Fits the Survivair Sigma or Panther facepiece only. This bag is constructed with the same design as our MBII but with a tapered shape. Approx. 13"W x 15"D

available colors:
$25.50 ea.

The Blackout Mask Cover ™
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We have covers to fit MSA ULTRA ELITE, ULTRA LITE II, SCOTT 2A, 2.2, ISI, SURVIVAIR, SURVIVAIR SIGMA, DRAEGER, & INTERSPIRO. Train safe and simple without the lengthy process of taping, tieing, gluing, etc., etc. Slip this 100% polyester cover over your mask and in seconds you're ready to train. It's that simple! With approximately 90% light reduction, the blackout cover produces realistic visual and psychological conditions for training - anywhere, anytime - without the normal hassles associated with training evaluations. Protects your mask during training and can be left on for protection during storage.

available colors:
$12.75 ea.

SV BO1-100 Scott 2A, MSA Ultralite II
SV BO2-100 Scott AV2000
SV BO3-100 Scott AV3000, Vision 5C facepiece
SV BO4-100 MSA Ultra Elite, Draeger FPS 7000 (Without HUD)
SV BO5-100 Sigma

SV BO6-100 Interspiro - Old Style with Ambient Airhatch in lens
SV BO1-100 XL & MK2
SV BO5-100 Panther/Warrior

SV BO7-100 MSA Ultra-Elite with HUD & Voice Amp
SV BO8-100 ISI Viking
SV BO9-100 MSA G-1
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