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Stock Panel Design

This is our stock stainless steel panel with flow-directional pin stripping, four supply cylinder gauges and on/off panel valves.

A precise 4" Dia. refill gauge, pressure reducing regulator and two fill hose outlets are provided on the bottom.

This panel has eight 7500 PSI - 2.5" inlet supply gauges, eight supply on/off panel valves, 6000 PSI inlet/5000 PSI outlet pressure adjustable regulator, 4" outlet fill gauge and refill port with on/off panel valve.
7500 psi Air Panel

This panel, 16" x 20" x 6" is painted with automotive paint. We do most of these in brushed stainless steel now. It has four inlet supply 7500 PSI - 2.5" gauges, four supply on/off valves, 6000 PSI inlet/5000 PSI outlet pressure adjustable regulator, 4" outlet fill gauge and refill port with on/off valve.
Stock Panel Design - Yellow

This panel is designed with one inlet supply pressure gauge, rather than the normal five and five on/off line panel valves. The operator checks the supply cylinder pressures with just on inlet 2.5" inlet gauge. He then can choose to fill one, two or three air-paks at a time with the lower on/off valves. Refill port is located on the lower right hand corner.
Custom Air Panel in Blue

This panel allowed this operator to fill high pressure air-paks and provide a source for 5-150 PSI low pressure air, to power rescue air tools, air bags and supplied air respirators. Three air storage cylinders were individually connected to this panel.
Vertical Air Panel in White

This "bad boy" has 31 on/off panel valves and 15 gauges installed on it. It went into service in the "oil patch" for a petroleum application. It had a panel mounted light for night time applications.
"The Bad Boy" Air Panel

American Airworks panels are crafted for OEM fire truck manufacturers, high pressure compressor distributors, fire departments, scuba diving shops and industrial plants.

Call upon us to help design yours or allow us to design one for you!

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