Low Prices on Replacement Survivair Cylinder Kits
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Survivair Replacement Cylinders
We'll save you money on your expired composite cylinders.

Survivair® Honeywell - Replacement SCBA Cylinder Shell Kits Shell Kit Sale!
Save about 15-25% in cost over a new Honeywell-Survivair cylinder and valve. Replace just your cylinder shell and overhaul your valve. You're set for 15 more years!

Our Survivair cylinder shell kit program saves you $$$. Order your Survivair cylinder replacement kits and get a Survivair cylinder shell with instructions to replace it yourself or allow us to install your valve in your new shell and ship it to you.

If your Survivair valve hasn't been overhauled within the last six to 15 years, it needs it NOW! Safety burst discs become brittle with age. A burst disc failure can rob you of your life sustaining air within mere seconds. We disassemble your valve completely, clean it using out ultrasonic cleaner, install new soft parts during reassembly and thoroughly test it for operation and air leaks. We warranty the valve for one year after servicing.

By the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, all composite cylinders shall be taken out of service upon completion of their fifteenth (15) year of service. For example, a cylinder with an original mfg date of January 2005 has expired and must be removed from service. 49CFR part 178.
Survivair Cylinder Shell Kit
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Survivair shell kits may have 1-6 months on the when you receive them.
Factory orders cylinders in large batches and it takes time to sell them.

2216 or 4500 PSI - Reconditioned Cylinder Valve - 65% of cost of $456 = $298

To overhaul your SCBA cylinder Valve? Labor & parts is approx. $123.00

Note: Some high pressure valves, 4500 PSI, fit more than one Survivair cylinder. This lets you change to a different cylinder when replacing cylinder shells. Call us and we'll tell you which valve is compatible with which cylinder. Low pressure valves, 2216 PSI, must only be reinstalled in low pressure carbon wrapped or all aluminum cylinders.

Your valves should be shipped to us by UPS. Using UPS allows easy tracing if your valve is lost during shipping. If you want us to remove the valve, that's OK too but shipping charges will cost you more. There's no additional labor charge.

To benefit from this program, simply call 800-523-7222 and order your replacement cylinder kits. Valve removal is easy and installation instructions are included with each kit.

We sell generic carbon shell kits for or Scott, MSA, Draeger, ISI/Avon, and Interspiro shell kits please call us. Generic cylinder shell kits are more economical to purchase.

Thread Saver® Protects your $450 SCBA valve investment... see below!

Part No
Honeywell - Survivair Cylinder
Shell Kit Cost
New Cylinder
& Valve
Cylinder Valve Overhaul Kit - Labor
2216 30 Min All Aluminum
2216 30 Min Full Wrap Carbon
4500 30 Min Full Wrap Carbon
4500 45 Min Full Wrap Carbon
4500 60 Min Full Wrap Carbon

We'll save you money on your expired composite cylinders.

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