Used Survivair SCBA
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Used SCBA Bargains!

Honeywell Sperian Survivair SCBA Bargains

Used SurvivAir SCBA, from American Airworks, are backed by our one year warranty to either repair or replace your SCBA. Many of our used Survivair SCBA have remaining factory warranties. We also buy used Survivair SCBA for resale. We also have quantity discounts on used SCBA. We have 42+ years servicing and selling new and used Survivair SCBA.

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Used Honeywell-Survivair SCBA

Updated 3/23/2021

SAFETY NOTICE! Used XL-30, Mark 2 & Mark 3 Fire & Industrial SCBA, Effective 12/31/2015 - All MK2 & MK3 fire and industrial SCBA have had their NIOSH certification recinded by direction of Honeywell to NIOSH. These should immediately removed from fire and industrial service. View and print Notice Here.

o replace your MK2/MK3 units, we have used Cougar, Sigma & Panther SCBA. We also have new Cougar and Titan units. Click here for New SCBA.

• New Titan Fire HUD SCBA, NFPA 2013 approved, HUD mask mounted rgulator, Lightweight backpac, warbling whistle udible alarm, buddy breather 4500 PSI, cylinder extra see below.....$2300 each, 5 available

• Used Panther Fire SCBA, NFPA 1997 approved, pre-HUD mask mounted regulator, Mity light bacpac, audible alarm, 2216 or 4500 PSI, cylinder extra see below.....$250 each (price may vary with options). Click here for picture!

• Used Sigma Fire SCBA, NFPA 1992 approved, classic mask mounted regulator/alarm, classic bacpac, whistle alarm, 2216 or 4500 PSI, cylinder extra see below.....$200 each Click Here for Picture!

• Used Cougar Industrial SCBA, clean NIOSH 1997 approved mask mounted regulator, black nylon straps, 2216 PSI, mfgd 2001, with all aluminum cylinder.....$850 Click Here for Picture!

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Used SCBA Air Cylinders

• Survivair All aluminum Used, 2216 PSI 30 minute .... $275
Email us for a quote.

• Scott All Aluminum Used, 2216 PSI, new style valve .... $225
Email us for a quote. Click here for Scott Picture!

• MSA All Aluminum Never Used, 2216 PSI four years old .... $225
Email us for a quote

Call us at 800-523-7222

(Discounts may apply to above prices with quantity purchases)

American Airworks
Used SCBA Bargains!

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