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Breathing Air Compressors
Haskel and Sierra booster pumps

High pressure breathing air compressors for fire fighting, scuba diving, oil patch breathing air, homeland security teams, haz-mat response teams, for industrial breathing air users, laboratory breathing air, commercial diving, and paintball cylinder refilling. Airworks offers a proven and economical compressor for all these applications.

For fire departments, we can stop your running across the county to get your SCBA and SCUBA cylinders refilled! Our dependable HP compressors provides you with CGA grade E breathing air, without having to rob a bank to pay for it. We are proud to offer the American Airworks Fast series of HP breathing air compressors.

User friendly features included for a great value at a low price.

Our Fast 90V breathing air compressors provide 5000 PSI breathing air. The Fast90V breathing air compressor is compact in size, very user friendly and our most popular model. This compressor is great for the small to mid-sized fire departments, fire brigades, dive shops and paintball fields. Complete with a 13,000 @ 80F - 20,020 @ 68F CF cartridge purification chamber. We have packed this HP compressor with many standard features that others charge extra for. The Fast 90V is a continuous duty compressor.

Max. Operating Pressure: 5000 PSI

Fast 90v Breathing Air Compressor

Fast90V Vertical Electric

 Standard Equipment  
  • Direct on-line starter
  • Micronic Air Inlet Filter
  • Advanced electronic control system providing operating, controlling & servicing data
  • LCD display showing Filling Pressure, Operating Temperature, Running hours and other data such as Service remaining hours warning, High temperature alarm
  • 24V secondary voltage providing safety during routine operation
  • Automatic control of Start/Stop system
  • Emergency Stop button
  • 13,000 @ 80F - 20,020 @ 68F CF CGA Grade E Filtration
  • Moisture Separator after 2nd Stage
  • 2 Large Stainless Steel Intercoolers
  • Large Stainless Steel Aftercooler
  • 3 Interstage Safety Valves
  • Pressure maintaining & non return valve
  • Interstage pressure sensors providing emergency shutdown in case of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd stage overpressure
  • Large fan for optimum cooling
  • Automatic Condensate Drains with manual backups
  • Condensate Collector Reservoir
  • Sound Dampening Insulation with very low noise level
  • Interstage Gauges
  • Low Oil Level Shutdown Switch with Alarm
  • High Temperature Shutdown Switch with Alarm

Model Drive Working Pressure PSI Capacity HP Speed Rotation (rpm) Dimensions (in) Weight (lb)
AC94590-VE1 1phase motor 5000 9 7.5 1100 32 40 48 573
AC94590-VE3 3phase motor 5000 9 7.5 1100 32 40 48 573

Optional Equipment
Part Number
AirCal 1000 Electronic CO Monitor
AirCal 2000 Electronic Moisture/CO Monitor
AC94505 Purification Filter - 13,000 @ 80F - 20,020 @ 68F - Disposable*
AC94507 Inlet Filter - Replacement
AC94509 Coalescing Pre-filter, Replacement
AC95504 Visual CO/H2O Indicator Module
AC95570 Element Only - CO/H2O Replacement
Synthetic Food Grade Oil (1 Gal) 570º Boiling Point
Air Test Kit, NFPA 1500, 4X - more kits here
5' SCBA Fill Hose Assembly
5' Paintball Fill Hose Assembly
5' SCUBA Fill Hose Assembly
* NOTE: Some models prior to 1/13 may have a different style filter. Please contact us to determine the correct filter or upgrade options.

American Airworks
Haskel and Sierra booster pumps

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